Frequently Asked Questions


What level of knowledge do I need to take this course?

The course is suitable for participants with a variety of backgrounds and levels of knowledge. However we do ask that you review your Ontario reptile and amphibian species ID prior to the course. We have some supplemental lessons on Ontario species ID but it is not the main focus of this course.

Will the course be cancelled if the weather forecast is bad?

The course will go ahead rain or shine, so please come prepared for all types of weather. In the case of inclement weather we do our best to rearrange the course schedule so that field trips are during the best possible conditions to survey for reptiles and amphibians. Scales Nature Park also brings a range of native Ontario species to the course so you’re guaranteed to see a lot of cool species!

Can I attend the course but make my own arrangements for accommodations?

Our course has a fairly busy schedule starting with in-class components typically starting at 8:00 am and extra activities in the evenings, so it may be difficult to stay off-site. However, you can make your own arrangements for accommodations if that is your preference.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Yes, we will do our best to meet your needs.  Please let us know about your dietary restrictions and we will work with the cooking staff at our venues to make sure we have options for you. You can also bring some of your own food, if that is more desirable.

Do I need to bring hip waders or chest waders?

During our course, we spend quite a bit of time surveying in and around water bodies and wetlands for reptiles and amphibians. Rubber boots, water shoes, old running shoes, hip waders or chest waders will be helpful for participating in these surveys. Bring whatever you have and are comfortable wearing. Please note that by May and June the shallow-water habitats that we survey are typically quite warm and, given warm air temperatures, you may overheat if wearing chest waders.

Crowley Massasauga narrow
Massasauga Rattlesnake